Jan 10

Bullet Journaling Workshop

Adobe Spark (20)

Are you ready to meet 2018 head on? Join us on January 18th at 6pm to learn how to set up and maintain your bullet journal!

Bullet Journaling is a combination of planning, to do lists and journaling. They can be as minimal or as creative as you want. In addition to helping you keep track of your schedule, they make an excellent record of what you have done during the year.

Materials needed for the workshop:

  • A notebook or journal

  • Any decorative materials you may want to use (stickers, washi tape, etc.)

We will provide markers, pencils and pens and will also have some stamps and decorative materials available.

You can learn more about bullet journaling here, see examples of bullet journals on our Pinterest board, or call us at 269-3900 for more information!